Our goal is to ensure that every flight is performed at the highest possible quality level. Therefore, it is very important for us to ensure your safety.

Three main safety rules:

1. Top crew qualifications
Every Capital Jets pilot regularly attends training sessions in certified flight simulator centres maintaining their high skills of tacking different flight situations and constantly working on improving them even further. Among them are
 — Take off and landing at complex airport runways;
 — Tackling of extreme flight situations.

2. Centrally coordinated ground handling services.
Our technical staff and aircraft engineers meet all international standards requirements on flight safety:
 — Carry out constant checks of aircraft working order for smooth performance
 — Carry out all necessary pre-flight inspections and testing

3. Modern aircraft fleet
We utilize the best in available modern technology of flight and ground safety, taking constant rigid control over all aspects of flight coordinations.

With every flight we attract the trust of new customers, proving the existing customers that they one day they have made the right choice selecting us as their private aviation services provider.

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