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We will help you to buy an aircraft on board of which you can feel at home. Cooperating with famous design studios, we guarantee to you that the cabin interior, furnishing and the fuselage outer painting will reflect your wishes. Our private arrangements with aircrafts manufacturers will guarantee to you the best prices.

Taking into account the frequency and the geography of your flights, travel time, the sizes of passenger cabin, and also acceptable for you annual budget, our experts will help you to make the right choice in purchasing your personal aircraft.

The purchase / sale
1. The selection of the aircraft considering your needs and the budget.
2. The evaluation of the aircraft technical condition and cost.
3. Credit registration / leasing assistance.
4. A Legal support of the transaction and the help with the purchase/sale agreement registration.
5. The selection of a highly skilled and certificated crew.
6. Consultations on effective commercial operation of your aircraft.

Other services:
1. Our help with searching for buyers.
2. The evaluation of aircraft condition and cost.
3. A Legal support of the transaction and assistance with the purchase/sale agreement registration.

The experience and the competence of our experts will save you trouble and let you feel real pleasure of your new purchase.

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